Does Pesach Prep Leave You Panicked & Overwhelmed?

Duby’s Pesach Lists is the Ultimate Pesach Planning Guide!

Dear Ladies,

Boruch Hashem, a few months ago I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Esther. The warnings were true: Having 2 little pitzlach makes life super hectic, and I was unable to update my Pesach Book for 2020.

Then, corona-virus happened. Suddenly, all of our Pesach plans are canceled. Women are being forced to make Pesach, many for the first time, and feeling very overwhelmed and panicked.

My dear SIL reminded me that most of my lists don’t change, and we decided that the 2019 book can still help many – so I’ll be selling my 2019 edition for a reduced price, to help as many as possible.

I do have few hard copies left from last year as well. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about Pesach , feel free to reach out. I too am making Pesach for the first time with little babies and I’ll be honest – I’m nervous!

Here’s to a safe, healthy and easy Kosher and Freilichin Pesach season,

Duby Litvin

Dear Mrs. Duby,

I love having it all written out and not in our minds! Highly recommended!! Hatzlacha Rabba!

Mrs. Rivka Caroline

Time Management Expert, Therapist, Shlucha, Wife and Mother, SoBe Organized

Duby’s Lists are a must-have for every woman (or man) who is making Pesach. Whether you are a “seasoned traveler'” or this year is your “maiden voyage”, there are tips to simplify and streamline the Pesach marathon for everyone.
I especially like the shopping lists for food and other sundry items which are so easy to forget even after making Pesach for many years.
Mrs Chani Miller

Professional Organizer, Kiss Clutter Goodbye

I just stumbled upon your “Frazzled Woman’s Guide to Pesach” and I was very impressed! I printed a copy for myself and bought a binder and sheet protectors to store it. It’s not my first year making Pesach, but it’s sure nice to have all of the details organized in one place!

Mrs. Dina Fraenkel

Associate Editor, Marketing & Education Director at OK Kosher, Kosher Spirit Magazine