You mean you DON’T keep meticulous lists of every single thing you bought, how much was used and how much you have left? 

 When I was a kid, after Pesach ended each year, my parents would sit down and go over “The Pesach List” that was kept in the back of a special red notebook my mother used.  Together, they would mark down everything they bought, if they had enough or needed more, and how many guests we had. Into the red notebook it went, year after year. 

 Naturally, when I got married I continued in the same vein, creating my own lists to help with my holiday planning. Granted, I was using a computer instead of a big red notebook like my parents did, but I happily set up the system I learned as a child to make my Pesach prep a breeze.

 ~ ~ ~ 

Over the last few years, I’ve shared my Pesach Grand Shopping List with a few close friends and some family members. One year, my friend told me she was at a large Jewish supermarket in Brooklyn, when she saw a woman look so stressed and overwhelmed with her Pesach shopping. She shared my list with the stranger, and she was able to get her shopping done with ease.

How It All Got Started

2014 wasn’t one of my best years. My health had taken a downturn and there was no way I could make Pesach in my house. All around me, people were cleaning, shopping and cooking, and all I could do was rest in bed “enjoying” Netflix. All these wonderful planning lists on my computer, yet no one to use them.

 Perhaps, if I couldn’t make Pesach, I could help others plan theirs. I spent some time editing, then some more time editing, then I got way too excited and before I knew it, I had put together an entire Pesach booklet! 

Gaining Popularity

I emailed it to a handful of friends and family and within a week it went viral. We estimate that over 35,000 women had access to my little pdf file. It was shared on Facebook, on forums; people were giving them out to their communities and handing it out in workshops in anticipation of the holiday…

 Then the emails and comments started pouring in. From all over the world. It was incredibly humbling and overwhelming to me in the best way possible. I couldn’t believe that my little obsession with making lists could impact so many frazzled women out there!

 One of those calls was from my Bubby, who sternly instructed me to make my little booklet official and sell it to the masses – and here we are today!  Boruch HaShem, Thank G-d, my health is doing beautifully and each year I upgrade and update “Duby’s Pesach Lists.” 


Today my “little booklet” has tripled in size and has sold hundreds of copies and downloads around the world. It is available in a handful of Judaica Stores in New York and its popularity is growing each year. I am currently working on creating a “Duby’s Tishrei Lists” to help prepare for the High Holidays.


“The Pesach Lists Girl” 

Duby Litvin (Nee Devorah Dubov) grew up in Morristown, New Jersey and has been writing lists since she learned to hold a pen. Duby currently lives in Louisville KY with her husband Shmully, and when she is not making lists, she owns a small kosher bakery and dabbles in writing children’s literature. Connect with Duby by emailing her at MrsDuby@gmail.com or stalking her on Facebook.

 Wishing you and your loved ones a Kosher and Freilichin Pesach!

Duby Litvin

Louisville, Kentucky

Tu Shevat 5777


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