What is Duby’s Pesach Lists?

The Short Answer:
Duby’s Pesach Lists is a Pesach Planning Guide filled with every list, organizational chart imaginable, to help you prepare for Yom Tov.

The Long Answer:
The book, either in Ebook or Hard Copy format, is divided into the following sections:

1. Getting Started:
This section is geared towards “Newbies.” For those of you who have never made Pesach before and find yourselves just slightly nervous (ok panicked) at where to start. From a Guide to the Seder Plate, to Shopping List Essentials for your first time making Pesach – as well as an in-depth guide how to use my system, it’s sure to help you feel calmer right away!

2. Budgeting:
From tips to a budget template to keep you on track, you’ll learn how to make Pesach without having to mortgage your home or sell your kidney.

3. Cleaning:
A complete guide how to clean for Pesach along with tips to making it more enjoyable and easy. An in-depth interview with a pro on the differences between Pesach cleaning and spring cleaning, to help you save precious time focusing on what’s needed to do. An updated for 2017 Countdown Calendar helps to keep you scheduled and on task to prevent last minute emergencies.

4. Shopping:
A GRAND shopping list with everything you could possibly need for Yom Tov, and things you didn’t know you needed!

5. Cooking & Food Prep:
From guest lists, menu template (updated for 2017), and food ideas for Yom Tov. Charts to help keep organized, and lists to help you keep track of food prep done in advance.

6. Last Minute Lists:
Don’t forget to….. !! The last minute lists have reminders for Erev Yom Tov and the day of Bidekas Chametz. The lists in this section will allow you to sleep at night knowing you won’t forget anything important.

7. Planning for the Future:
Pesach planning begins the minute Pesach ends the year BEFORE. This section ensures a smooth Yom Tov prep for next year – with Inventory lists and Notes for Next Year.

8. New for 2017 !! – Pesach Fun !!!
An entire section devoted to games and activities to create a livelier (and organized), Seder. This section also has discussion ideas for your Seder table, as well as memorable traditions to create a lasting impression on your family over the holiday.

And finally –

Pesach Place Cards!
Simply print these out and fill them in with your family members and guests names, and voila!

What this book is not:

This book is NOT a cookbook. Often, when I tell people, right away they guess that my book is filled with Pesach recipes. It does not have a single recipe! There are So many wonderful cookbooks devoted to Pesach cooking that I didn’t feel the need to add another one to the shelf. This book is purely an organizational workbook to help get your Pesach planning into a systematized routine so that it takes the stress out of it. Quite literally – its goal is to help you turn from Frazzled to Free.

My intention for this book was so that any woman (or man) from any background regardless of affiliation should be able to find it useful in their Yom Tov preparations. Pesach is a holiday that centers around individual minhagim (customs), and these customs vary depending on your community and even within your own family. In order to allow for a wide variety of people to use my book, I included a wide variety of ideas and foods that some use and others don’t.
If you have any questions regarding your family’s traditions, please speak with your spouse or your Rabbi to help you in this area. (Or, ask your mother in law, she’ll tell you what to do! 🙂

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