Don’t Take Our Word For It …

Thank you for your amazing booklet I got from Imamother. Making lists makes me break out in hives. Pesach makes me hyperventilate.
This is amazing!!!!!!

Avigail S.

My sister sent me the Frazzled Mother’s Guide to Pesach.  Thank you for this masterpiece you created.  It is the most comprehensive & detailed document for Pesach I have ever seen.  You are acquiring tremendous z’chusim for this monumental work!


The Pesach booklet is a masterpiece! A work of art! Thank You and tizki l’mitzvos



Fayge S.

Can I just say: This is amazing. It is also really cool that you, like me, don’t live in a major jewish Metropolitan area. This means you have a very real perspective on Pesach and know that you can’t just run to the huge kosher store at the last minute. Thanks so so much. 

Stacy R.

Duby this is beyond awesome! Love your cartoons and comments! 

Devorah Leah H.

This list is amazing and very comprehensive. I thought I was organized OMG! Thanks so much. I will pass this around to my friends. You’ll be getting a lot of schar this year for all the women you’re helping! 


Elana D.

Duby Litvin, I’m really impressed. You did a great job! I just wanted to say that your Pesach guide is really fabulous.

Rochie G.

I saw your Frazzled Pesach list. Great work. Printed it out, and going to use it. I’ve made Pesach for a lot of years – it’s awesome!!! Maybe my Mum will CALM THE HELL DOWN!!

Shmully K.

You are my hero. 


Michelle S.

Someone just sent me your guide for pesach. It is really user friendly and it’s so cute that you made it! Totally has your humor sprinkled through out:) Thanks for putting it together!


Your list just may save my life… I wasn’t doing anything cuz i was so overwhelmed.

Libby H.

Totally BLEW me away!


Sarah'le L.

I just printed out your exceptional booklet.Where were you when I started out 25 years ago???? May we all celebrate the end of this galus in Yerushalyim very soon. Hatzlacha

Tania H.

I cannot tell you how many positive/excited responses I received from my friends who I forwarded your email to. You are the most organized, amazing woman! I made my menu and shopping list last night, using your info as my guide. Awesome!!!

Frumie T.

Thank you so much!!! It so organized and easy to use. Greatly appreciated!!!


Elya H.

wow. looks comprehensive! It shows. It looks fantastic. Way more planning and intelligent design than I’ve ever put into it.

Which is why I was driving around the day before seder trying to buy enough chairs for my guests. 🙂

Marci H.

I would like to consider myself a VERY organized person.  I have NO suggestions for your booklet.

Lynda C.

I just wanted to send you an email to say THANK YOU!! Wow. I’m still nervous (though I’m currently at stage one of “denial”) but your booklet was so  helpful and really made me organize and get my  mind in order. Thank you so much!


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